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Kurukynki〃S8. THIN & LONG -Vintage Frame 框框印章

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Kurukynki〃S8. THIN & LONG 框框印章 ・rubber stamp

Frame A / Frame B / Frame C

〃尺寸 Size 請看照片(點擊告選項則會跳到相對應的照片) / Click the option and check the photo 

〃材質 Material

取手 handle -木頭 wood / 印面 stamp -紅色橡皮 red rubber

〃Made in Malaysia

注意事項 / Notice




〃The photo is taken with real products, but it might have some 

    chromatic aberrations. The colour relies mainly on the entity.

〃Wood handle naturally has texture and dots so we do not accept the return or

   refund due to this reason.

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