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蒔絮紙品 Shihsyu Paper〃Handmade notecard 手抄紙名片組

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NT$ 120.00
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NT$ 120.00
蒔絮紙品 Shihsyu Paper〃Handmade notecard 手抄紙名片組 總分: 0 - 0評價

商品規格 / About

蒔絮紙品 Shihsyu Paper〃Handmade notecard手抄紙名片組

水泥 Cement / 茶米 Tea 

〃10 張一組 / pieces as a set

〃尺寸 Size 8.7 x 5.5cm (±0.3cm)

〃材質 Material 手抄紙 / handmade paper

〃Made in Taiwan


   The paper is 100% HANDMADE, so it will not be totally perfect; if you do care

   about it, please do not order!

注意事項 / Notice



〃商品照片為 蒔絮紙品 Shihsyu Paper 所有,未經同意請勿任意轉載

〃The photo is taken with real products, but it might have some 

    chromatic aberrations. The colour relies mainly on the entity.

〃All of the photos are from Shihsyu Paper, please do not use them without permission.

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