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Fafa製造所〃靈感藥水 印章・Ideas Rubber stamp

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NT$ 410.00
Fafa製造所〃靈感藥水 印章・Ideas Rubber stamp 總分: 0 - 0評價

商品規格 / About

⟡ 尺寸 Size 4 x 2cm

⟡ 兩款印章為一組 / 2 stmpas as a set

⟡ 材質 material

   取手 Handle 櫸木 Beech wood

   印面 Stamp 透明樹脂 Clear polymer

注意事項 / Notice

⟡ 照片為實體拍攝,照片可能會因螢幕、光源與個人觀感不同而產生

⟡ 此款印章為透印明膠版印面,為避免印面變形,建議將印面向上收

⟡ 木頭取手皆會紋路或是斑點,皆屬於正常現象;不接受以此理由退

⟡ The photo is taken with real products, but it might have some
   chromatic aberrations. The colour relies mainly on the entity.

⟡ The stamps are made of clear polymer. We suggested that you store
   the stamp with the clear polymer side up and the wood side down,
   and do not put anything above the stamp, the rubber might
   damage. Also, please avoid direct sunlight to protect your stamp.

⟡ Wood handle naturally has texture and dots so we do not accept
   the return or refund due to this reason.

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